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Posted: 5/26/2006 16:21
Last Updated: 6/6/2019 13:16

TRHOnline General FAQ

There are probably some things you want to know about this site and its denizens, and before you start filling an e-mail inbox with crap, you should read the following.

This isn't the only FAQ for this site though - the Forum system has its own FAQ, so you should check that out too.

Onto the questions then:

Q. Who or what is TRH?
A. TRH stands for Traegorn RavenHawk, who is Trae Dorn. Trae Dorn has been doing web design since 1996, and has been involved in the Geek and Nerd community for much longer. You can find out more about them on the Who is TRH? page.

Q. What is this site about?
A. TRHOnline, in its current form, is a showcase of Trae Dorn's work - as well as an attempt to build an online community of like minded individuals. It succeeds at the former, but could do better with the latter.

Q. How can I contact TRHOnline or Trae Dorn?
Their e-mail is at the bottom of every single page of this website. Go look now, I dare you.

Q. What software does TRHOnline use?
TRHOnline uses a variety of tools, many custom, but in other cases the need to reinvent the wheel was not desired. The message board is powered by a customized installation of PHPBB. Some photo galleries are powered by Gallery Script v1.9. All other scripts on TRHOnline are custom designed. Why did Trae build their own CMS and blog system? Because they could and they were bored at the time. 

Q. What are TRHBlogs?
Okay, so years ago Trae decided to build a blogging platform. As stated in the previous answer, Trae was bored at the time.  Only a few people ever used it though, and soon it was overrun with spammers. So Trae restricted new users from signing up by using the site's karma system.

The blog system mostly works, but Trae is the only one who uses it anymore. Ask them if you really want to set one up, but you're better off with Tumblr.

Q. Where is TRHOnline hosted?
TRHOnline is hosted on servers run by A Small Orange. They bought the webhost Trae used to use, but they seem like good people... so the site has stayed.

Q. Is Trae some Weirdo-Pagan-Nutjob?
They're not a nutjob. The rest of that? Yeah.

Q. How is TRHOnline connected to Nerd & Tie?
Nerd & Tie ( is a podcast network and geek news site Trae runs with help from Nick Izumi and Gen Prock (and formerly Pher Sturz). When it first launched, the podcast was hosted on TRHOnline, but it has since been moved to its own domain.

Writing for Nerd & Tie is pretty much what killed Trae's personal blog though.

Q. How is TRHOnline connected to
Trae Dorn is one of the co-founders of NoBrandCon and remains on the staff. Because of that, often materials referencing NoBrandCon will appear on TRHOnline. TRHOnline was the original host for the NoBrandCon website as well, before it was moved to its own domain. Like in 2002.  It's been a while.

Queries about NoBrandCon should be directed to NoBrandCon though, as Trae does not currently serve in any sort of major management role.

Q. How about Otaku Anonymous?
Are they still a thing?

Q. Ummm... why won't you say more?
It's a secret.

Q. When did TRHOnline go online?
TRHOnline launched, under a different name and at a different URL, on June 25th 1996. For more information about the history of this site, visit the History page.

Q. Is there anything else I should know?
Yes, you should read the Legalese page for details about everything, including disclaimers and terms of service.

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