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Humor and Funn Stuff

This is a collection of things I've done that frankly, at least I find somewhat funny. From random chatlogs, to image edits, to whatever - things in this category really just make me giggle a little. Do you have to find it funny? Eh - not my problem. *grin*
SyFy/SciFi Channel Original Film Generator
SyFy/SciFi Channel Original Film GeneratorFrom the twisted mind that brought you the Steven Seagal Movie Generator comes the all new SyFy Channel Original Movie Generator! By taking a dozen different casts and plots and mixing them around, we create all new experiences... that you'll probably see next week on Saturday.
The Steven Seagal Movie Generator
The Steven Seagal Movie GeneratorHave you ever wondered why all of Steven Seagal's movies seem to sound the same? To prove a point, I've created the Steven Seagal Movie Generator. By randomly assembling plots, characters, and titles from actual Seagal films, this page creates a brand new "Seagal Film" in just moments.
Do You Shaq Fu?
Do You Shaq Fu?One of the more popular sections on the site, "Do You Shaq Fu?" asks the immortal question. A celebration of what is possibly one of the strangest examples of celebrity endorsement I've ever seen.
Streams of Consciousness
Streams of ConsciousnessFrom the story of Marty the Bear to the now mildly infamous "Duck Effect," my friends and I have a habit of coming up with some weird stuff when we're bored. In tribute to that theme, I have collected a "Best of.." section here, showing off some of the worthier moments of spontaneity.
Duct Tape Boy's Adventures Through Time
Duct Tape Boy's Adventures Through TimeA series of images that follow the discount superhero Duct Tape Boy, as he travels through time on a mind bending adventure using the infamous "Duck Effect." Duct Tape Boy is amazing, is he not? Well... let's pretend at least...
Hanzo the Razor
Hanzo the RazorThese images are all Hanzo themed. Hanzo is the main character in a series of old, perverse Samurai films... Effectively, Hanzo is best described as "if Shaft was a short, fat, balding guy living in Edo period Japan." If you haven't watched the films, these images won't be as funny. But, you know - whatever.
Miscelaneous Images
Miscelaneous ImagesThese images are completely random. I have no idea where to sort them, so I've dumped them into this category. Woot. Look, and... ummm... wonder? Whatever... It's not that complicated of an idea, really.

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