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These are various comics hosted on TRHOnline. UnCONventional and The Chronicles of Crosarth are regularly updated webcomics, while Irresponsible Irreverence is an archived webcomic and Fanboy is an archive of a decade of Zines.
The Chronicles of Crosarth
The Chronicles of Crosarth"The Chronicles of Crosarth" is a twice weekly webcomic of steampunk adventure. Set in the fictional nation of Crosarth (and the surrounding areas), it follows the adventures of Fleet Admiral Rutherford J. Hayworth IV (the world's only known talking, air breathing squid), the crew of the HMS Hummingbird, and probably an air pirate or two.

Created by Trae Dorn, based off of a dream of Chris Warner's.

Ongoing since Oct 17, 2011
UnCONventional (the Comic)
UnCONventional (the Comic)A twice weekly comic that details the lives of those brave fools who run Anime Cons, UnCONventional follows the trials of Max, Phil, Lynn and Tara as they navigate the con scene. As it's based on the 15 years Trae and his friends have spent in the con scene, most of this has actually happened to someone at some point.

Ongoing since Dec 8, 2009
Irresponsible Irreverence
Irresponsible IrreverenceIrresponsible Irreverence is a comic filled with the random things that just happened to pop into Trae Dorn's mind at any given moment. Sketched on whatever was immediately available with whatever writing utensil he could find at any given moment, it is a bizarre (and occasionally poorly drawn) single panel comic.

If you need a larger explanation than that, maybe you should try buying a new hat or something.

Irresponsible Irreverence ran twice a week from Aug 4, 2010 to Sept 30, 2011 -- but now it only updates randomly, and without warning.

Trae Dorn
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The Chronicles of Crosarth - a webcomic of Steampunk Adventure, updated Mon & Wed
UnCONventional - A Webcomic about Conventions, Updated Tuesdays and Thursdays
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