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Articles and Stuff

This is various content and articles that are (at least partially) serious.
How To Start a Con
How To Start a ConAn ongoing series on how to start your own SciFi, Gaming or Anime Con. From how to build your organization to planning your video game room to all points in between. Trae has been working cons for 14 years and is the co-founder of No Brand Con, Wisconsin's Premiere Anime Convention... so it's possible he knows what he's talking about.

Writing about yourself in the third person is fun...
Wicca and Paganism
Wicca and PaganismI have been a practicing Witch for over twenty years. In this section you will find various essays, writings, and possibly videos which talk about my own spiritual journey.
Political Science
Political ScienceIn this category you will find a short list of articles and papers I've written on political science topics. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and these articles were written during my studies there. So, y'know, don't expect a lot of new stuff to show up here.
The Craptacular World
The Craptacular WorldOver the last several years, I've found many sites that just plain piss me off. Many of these pages are bigoted... some are of people who are just plain stupid. I invite you to join me on this exploration of stupidity.
Digital Obscuria
Digital ObscuriaI love old technology. This section is dedicated to a selected portion of my personal collection. Marvel at the 3DO, gasp at the X'Eye... cry at the Laser 128 parts...
Gatherings and Con Reports
Gatherings and Con ReportsTRHOnline people are fun people, but most of us are scattered in different locations. Every once and a while though, we all get together and try to have some fun.
Flipside Articles
Flipside ArticlesWhat you will find in this folder are various articles that I wrote for the UWEC on campus News Magazine, The Flip Side waaaay back in the day. Because of that, the nature of some articles will be in reference to local and long dead issues and news. As these will be slightly out of context date wise, I would recommend you stop by The Flip Side's Website ... but as it's down, I don't see how I could. Maybe it's back. I don't know.

These articles are up for posterity more than anything else.

Trae Dorn
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